50 Clues - The Secret of the Mark - Maria 2 (VA)

50 Clues is an immersive puzzle game that offers the experience of an escape room, but in a format that can be played at home!

Players: 1-5
Age: 16+
Duration: 90 min.
Difficulty: 2 / 5
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BoardGameGeek: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/339742/50-clues-secret-mark

In an unknown place, children are trapped in the dark. Their abductor is dead, and you need to find the hiding place and save the children before it is too late. "The Secret of the Mark" is the second part of the Maria trilogy.

You combine objects, solve puzzles and decipher codes to complete the story. A smartphone or tablet keeps track of the solutions and provides multistep hints if the need arises.

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