Dune (VF)

A game of conquest, diplomacy and betrayal.

Players: 2-6
Age: 14+
Duration: 120 min.
Difficulty: 4 / 5
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First up, we have the actual game board. This map of Arrakis is where a lot of the action takes place and it is a great size for all players around the table to easily reach. The board includes all the different regions of Dune as well as the number of spice that could appear each turn, which helps for planning your strategy and moving your forces.

There are also spaces for the Tleilaxu Tanks and Spice bank, as well as a handy turn and phase counter.

Two rulebooks come with the game. A quick start guide, which acts as both a reference and easy entry point. And the complete rules, for both the basic and advanced version of the game.

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